My name is Kelly Adams.  I was a Burnt Out 6 Figure CEO,  now I am a Balanced Wellness Ninja, nicknamed the "Princess of Power".  I am a mom of three, and a fitness enthusiast turned "FIT IN FITNESS" 40 Y/O SUPER WOMAN!  Like many women, I live a very busy life.

My journey started a few years back when I began to have health issues causing memory loss, brain fog, and extreme confusion. Being in my mid 30's I was scared and knew something was not right.  One morning while dropping off my youngest daughter at preschool, a route I had driven hundreds of times, I found myself completely lost.  It progressed to the point where I ended up in the ER.  After CAT scans, blood draws, and a multitude of tests, I was released from the hospital with a clean bill of health.  Frustrated, I began to seek answers and became an advocate for myself.


I sought the help of a holistic specialist.  After some simple blood work and an examination of my diet, we found I was extremely low in Vitamin D and worst of all nutrient deficient.  Like most busy women, I had neglected to feed my body the fuel it needed to function properly.  It's hard to believe drive thru coffee joints and quick food out of a box was not giving me what I needed. (sarcasm intended).  We began taking a look at nutrition and fueling my body with nutrient rich foods along with implementing a healthy exercise routine into my busy life. This was a huge turning point in my life. From that point on, I began to study nutrition and take back my health.  

I began exercising, hitting the gym and ditching those dinners in a box.  I trained and completed my first ever sprint triathlon and was happy with my accomplishment.  I was feeling good but not great.  I began to plateau and was looking to continue making healthy progress.  Through some additional research I began learning about macro nutrients and properly fueling my body. My workouts turned toward exercises that correlates to my diet and began to effectively burn fat faster.    How could I help share my success with others?

I became a certified health and wellness coach to help empower people to take back their life and Re-BOOT (start a new beginning).  My passion is people.  I have a love for life and a love for helping others. I am thrilled to have founded Better Body + Balance and I am committed to helping you reach your goals and achieve a long term sustainable lifestyle.



        Be, Do, + 

Have it All!

The Family

I have been married to my high-school sweetheart for over 15 years.  My husband Eli and I own our own event rental company and work together everyday.  We have a 13 year old daughter, 10 year old son, and 8 year old daughter.  Throw into the mix 2 energetic black labs and we have all the makings for a 3 ring circus.  

I try to fill my life with things I love which include working out, taking road trips, hiking, and my faith.  I am at my happiest when I'm outside with my family in nature.