January 17, 2019

There was a time when cardio was all the rage. It was the center of the fitness industry for decades, but oh how times have changed!

Today, muscle is coveted. And fairly recently, for the first time, women strive for the athletic, muscular look of an athlete over bein...

June 18, 2018

Over the last year, I’ve sat down with some amazing people all of whom were ready to do one thing.... change their life. Now, if you’re reading this email, you probably already know what I’m getting ready to share isn’t for everyone... in fact, now it’s only for the fi...

September 12, 2017

During our FASTer Way To Fat loss Program we engage in 2 low carb days a week on Monday & Tuesday.  The combination of low carb and HITT training on Monday & Tuesday allows our bodies to move from sugar burners to fat burners which equals FAT LOSS!  YIPPIEEEEE........

July 17, 2017

How I broke up with the scale.  

Up until this past January I still weighed myself on a daily basis. Thinking back and knowing what I know now, there really was no point.  However, depending upon what the number said, was how my day went.  If I was down a pound, BOOM! S...

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