• Kelly Adams

3 Week Turkey Trim down!

There are soo many fitness & nutrition programs out there! If you think it's time to switch things up here is your opportunity. The 3 week turkey trim down starts November 6 and is designed to give you a jump start into eating during the holidays without feeling deprived with flexible dieting AKA counting macros!

As you know it takes more than 3 weeks for results, but with my crash course you should be able to use the necessary tools to keep those unwanted holiday pounds from creeping up!

As an added bonus I will provide 3 weeks worth of FREE workouts that you can do at home or the gym.

This should be an exciting 3 weeks. I'm super pumped to get started! Workouts should be fun and challenging! If you are not having fun with your current nutrition and exercise routine MOVE ON! #1 indicator you should move on is if you are not seeing results. If what you are doing now has an end it is not a lifestyle but a quick fix. The skills I will be teaching you are sustainable for a lifetime. Don't wait join our tribe! GOBBLE GOBBLE

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