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How .66 cents/day has changed my health & wellness journey...

It has been 10 months since my health journey got an overhaul.

My initial investment with the FWTFL program was $199. $199 divided by 300 days turns out to .66 cents per day!


Looking back I had no idea that would be the very BEST $199 I have ever spent. To some $199 is a lot of money, and to others they blow that on fast food, eating out, Starbucks, and Target on a weekly basis. So, in all seriousness people spend money on what is important to them.

**Me before the FWTFL Program

To me at this phase of my life on the brink of 39 my health is top priority. If 40 is the new 20 I better be on point LOL.

So, how did I get healthy... with a combination of NUTRITION and WORKOUTS! When I found this winning combination my life forever changed. I was always doing one or the other (eating good or exercising) but not effectively together. No one really ever talked to me about nutrition. Sure, I watched my calories, but, that clearly wasn't enough. Once I hit 30 and the addition of 3 kiddos if I looked at a brownie I gained weight!

Nutrition is a pain point for many of the women I work with. They may have tried to count calories, count points, or a low fat diet with some success... but, find it unmanageable for a long term lifestyle. That is why my program WORKS!

Unless your body is balanced and running efficiently it doesn't really matter what you do in the gym. So, as the saying goes abs are built in the kitchen is TRUE! BLAH BLAH BLAH

That is why the program I run solves a list of potential road blocks & saves you thousands of dollars! No need for a personal trainer or nutrition coach you get both neatly wrapped in a package in my programs!

Not only do I coach you, walk beside you, & cheer you on. I teach you the nutrition tools necessary for success and give you weekly workouts with 3 options (gym, home, or beginners) . We are rebuilding you from the inside out.

What do you get!!! Well here you go...

  • workouts for 6 weeks

  • a bonus prep week workout

  • nutrition guidelines

  • daily 1 on 1 support and motivation

  • private Facebook group to share your updates, questions, and progress

**Me today 10 months into my journey

I shared a bit more info on this on my face group page today!


XXOO, Kelly



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