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What you need to know about growing your booty! Your key to a peachy butt!

A lot of women I work with have specific goals or areas of the body they want to target. Through the online programs I run we target overall fat loss. However, with that being said I usually add a few extra exercises into my HITT days to work on what ever area I am interested in training or targeting. During the past 12 weeks it has been my gluteus maximus AKA booty, ass, rump shaker whatever you call it!

My first tip is mix it up. You have to switch it up. By this I mean you have to do both compound exercises along with isolated lower weight higher rep exercises. The glutes are a combination of low and fast twitch muscle groups. So, if you don't use it you'll lose it. Simply put, glute activation is waking up your glutes. It makes the connection from your brain to your muscle and gets the muscle fired up and ready to do some work.

How Often: 2X's Per Week

Pick 4-6 exercises with 2-3 being a compound exercise and 2-3 being a isolated exercise.

Compound Exercises: You should always start your weight training routine with compound movements. These exercises require the most energy and are responsible for the bulk of your muscle mass

I recommend reducing rest time between sets to 30 seconds and no longer than 1 minute for heavy lifts. During the last few sets you should struggle to complete the desired reps. Exercises such as hip extensions should not only be heavy but also be completed to failure. This means completing as many reps as you can in a set until you can't lift the weight safely. To make progress when growing a muscle, you've got to challenge it! You should aim to increase the weight you lift every 2-4 weeks, as small increments will avoid injury.

Isloated Exercises: When I perform isolation movements, I aim for medium to high rep ranges with a focus on quality and building an intense mind-muscle connection.

**While muscle soreness the next day after a workout can be a pain, but it's a tell tale sign that you're working hard enough. This is because muscle soreness is created by small muscle fiber tears created by lifting weights at the correct intensity.

Sample Booty Routine By Fitness Blender

This one can be done at home at any pace:

It's a goodin!

I'll post a booty sesh on insta as well!

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