• Kelly Adams

Your don't need a new year for a fresh start you just need a MONDAY!

Did you catch my FB live video from earlier today!

Everyone gets in the mindset that they will when... and then fails to commit! What are you really waiting for? Get the "I want to but"... out of your mind and into the TRASH!. Whatever goal you have you need to announce it! Tell the world so you are invested in that goal! Pick a date for that goal, is it uncomfortable YES... is it worth it absolutely!!!!

Today is MONDAY a clean slate, a fresh start what are you waiting for! Since I am passionate about health and wellness I will touch on that topic now!

Exercise... If you start the week off with a great workout you are much more likely to continue that exercise through the rest of the week! That feel good feeling keeps you wanting to go back for more!

Nutrition... Do you constantly say I'll start my diet next month, next year. If yes STOP!! Do not let your weekend food hangover control you this week! Start fresh today! Eat the correct calories for the right reasons! Fuel your body for success!

Mindset... One of my favorite quotes (author unknown) is what you think about your bring about! So, I challenge you to think about what you are putting into your thoughts and mind! Are your thoughts building you up! If not... start today with a positive MANTRA! I have a fabulous one to get you started below! Write it on a sticky note where you will see it often and say it whenever you pass!

People life is short, don't wait for tomorrow or next week or next year! Share your goals with the world, be encouraged to know that each day is a fresh start! If part of your goal is better health and wellness my next boot camp starts January 8th don't put off your dreams and desires! I believe in you!

XXOO Kelly

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