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In the bootcamps I run I always encourage protein right before the end of our eating window which for me is usually 8PM.


Why protein? Simply put we need protein to build lean muscle!

As a nutrient which raises the metabolic rate probably faster than any other, lean protein is favored for its fat burning properties. As well as encouraging muscle growth through its conversion into the amino acids needed to rebuild damaged tissues larger and stronger, protein.

If we do not eat enough protein the body will break down muscle tissue to ensure there is enough of it to fuel the many biological processes that require it. So, to boost the metabolism to encourage fat burning it is essential that we at all times consume enough protein.

One mistake many dieters make, one that bodybuilders have been avoiding for many years, is to eat a serving a protein before bed. Three or so hours after our final meal of the evening the body again begins to ever so slightly enter a catabolic state where the protein we ate hours back has been used to repair muscle, while the carbohydrates have been stored away for future use. Now we are in a position to eat again, but generally cannot consume carbohydrates as they may lead to fat gains. So to offset any potential catabolic effects (the aforementioned degrading of muscle tissue for cell maintenance, which also occurs while we sleep) it is smart practice to consume protein before bed.

Remembering that the eight or so hours we are asleep are essentially a fasting period - a time where the body will do anything to maintain its fat stores lest its survival is threatened - those wanting to continue the fat burning process, even while sleeping, would be wise to top up with protein. Good sources include a quality casein supplement (due to its slower digestibility), low fat cottage cheese, lean chicken breast and fish. Thirty grams would be sufficient. Just remember not to add carbohydrates to the menu at this time. I personally use the vanilla protein powder beverly UMP by bodybuilding. I follow the directions then add ice as the end so it is thick like ice cream!

I believe in you and am always available for questions! XXOO, Kelly

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