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What is Better Body + Balance?

An Introduction to Macros and Nutrition

Once you purchase Phase 1, my introduction into balanced nutrition, you will receive a beautiful 18 page comprehensive program guide sent directly to your inbox.  This all-inclusive program guide covers all the nutritional strategies used for optimal fat loss.  The guide includes a weekly food cycle, macro cheat sheet, healthy grocery list, mindset tips, measurement tracker, and fitness calendar.  


As an added bonus you will be placed in one of our BBB private Facebook community groups for the next 4 weeks, you will receive daily accountability to ensure your success.


Once your on the inside you have vault access.  Some of the bonus guides only Facebook members have access to include:, 30 Macro Friendly Recipes, and my personal favorite go to Macro Friendly Snack Ideas!


Are You Ready? 

  • Do you feel tired?  Are you tired of being tired?

  • Do you want to not worry about a number on a scale?

  • Do you lack the energy you need to make today your best day?

  • Do you have extra fat you would like to lose and can't seem to lose it?

  • Have you lost confidence and feel bad for missing out on opportunities?

Here Is What You Get!

  •  Key concepts and routines to get your body to burn fat more effectively.

  • Nutritional strategies built to fuel the body with the nutrients it needs without deprivation.

  • Journaling topics & positive affirmations to keep you on track and feeling good!

  • I personally hold you accountable in our private FIT N 4 Facebook group. 


What can happen to your body in 4 weeks when you start exercising?

1st DAY 

Exercising makes the body pump more blood to the muscles. This will increases the blood flow, which is beneficial for your brain. 


As we all know exercising often comes with pain. As a response to this pain, your brain will start releasing certain types of chemicals including endorphins. Endorphins are often known as the source of euphoria and will not just kill your pain, but also boost your dedication so you’ll push harder.


Once you’re done with exercising your brain will release more endorphins, which will elevate your mood for the day.

When you start moving, your body’s energy expenditure increases. The energy it burns comes primarily from glucose, which is stored in the body as glycogen. Glycogen is generated by your liver when it processes carbs. With decreased glycogen levels your body will then start turning fat and protein into glucose to help meet your increasing energy demands.

Therefore, your fat storage will be better mobilized once you start exercising and you’ll start losing body fat

1st WEEK 

It only takes a few cardio sessions to become fitter and improve your energy. After a couple of workouts, mitochondria in your cells will increase rapidly. Mitochondria are said to be the “power generators” of your cells. They turn oxygen and nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is what powers the metabolic activities of your cells. As your cells have more mitochondria, your energy production will become more efficient. And hence, physical activity will become easier from this point on wards.


But mitochondria are not only good for pumping you up with energy. They also protect your cells and make them stronger, which will lead to improving your general health & well being.

1st MONTH 

After training for a month, changes in your muscle mass will finally become visible. Both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers in your muscle cells will start to grow and your muscles will get stronger.


As a result of growing muscles and becoming fitter, your metabolic rate will also start to increase. Faster metabolism means burning more calorie at resting state as well. This means that you’ll be able to say goodbye to more calories even when you’re not sweating in the gym while holding a plank. Your metabolism will work harder 24/7 from this point on, and you will drop those pounds easier.

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"I lost 9 pounds and 8 inches, but what i gained is confindence and a better understanding of food and nutrition.  I feel so in control and love this program!"

— Carley L.



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Live a healthy Lifestyle


​Weight Loss Master Mind

This is my signature program I call Better Body + Balance.  Its a total of 12 weeks of private coaching were we dive into nutrition, mindset, and exercise!  We will have weekly live training calls customized to your fitness and nutritional needs to help you become the best you can be.  We will take an in-depth dive into macros, talk all about nutrient timing, and the importance of intermittent fasting.  You will have a workout routine that will be geared toward you and creating a fat burning machine. When I work with 1-1 clients I provide a specific road map to get you to a healthier lifestyle. Each client is unique and so is my approach to getting you feeling better about yourself and your health as quickly as possible. Join me today and we will take your health to the next level!


Does Any Of This Sound Like You? 

  • You want to look lean, fit, and toned!

  • You are lost and dont know where to start!

  • Your weight has plateaued and you feel stuck!

  • You have tried restrictive diets and have put back on the weight!

  • You are seeing little or no results from hours of cardio and time in the gym!

  • You feel hungry all the time and eat like a rabbit!

Here Is What We Do!

  • We shake things up to rev up your metabolism!

  • We commit to a lean diet and a good training plan!

  • We spend time working on positive mindset to go out and slay the day!

  • We spend less time in the gym and more time building muscle!

  • We engage in intermittent fasting with a lean macro split!

  • We take your health to the next level!


Is BBB LIFE Right For Me?

Kelly is a true inspiration and motivator!  I've been with her since July, and then in November decided to join her 1-1 for her new program!  WOW  What a difference - mind, body, and soul!  I've made gradual changes to nutrition, huge changes to physical fitness, lost some inches and pounds, and have even learned about envisioning and journaling.  Kelly checks on me every day . . .  She is a downright smart, caring, super fit, funny, kind, accountable, creative, knowledgeable person,  Kelly really gets to know you and personalizes programs for individuals as needed.  If you haven't already had the Kelly B Styles experience, you are totally missing out!"

~Loren B.    

I would love to show you how to gain back your freedom from dieting, and enjoy a new healthy lifestyle with a smile!



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