Its Always A "GOOD" Time

June 28, 2017

One of the things I hear the most from women who are interested in the program but have some hesitation is, "Its not a good time to start."  Maybe they have guest coming into town, or you have a party coming up and you don't want to "deprive" yourself  of "good food" and a "good time", but I'm here to tell you, NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO START.  

The FASTer Way To Fat Loss program empowers you to make healthy lifestyle choices.  It gives you the tools necessary to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  Most importantly the FWTFL program gives you freedom.  I know Freedom is not the first word you think of when you are making a healthy lifestyle change but let me break it down for you.


Freedom From Food

Food is a fuel so lets treat it that way.  Its about controlling the food you consume vs the food   controlling you.  The FWTFL program teaches you to use the foods you eat to turn your body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE.  

You don't have to prepare a weeks worth of food on Sunday and package it in those containers where you cant find the lids anyway.  Who has that kind of time in your busy life?  

You wont have to eat out of a cardboard box and count all those calories.  Those boxes don't contain the fuel your body needs to give you the energy you need for your busy day.  Counting calories only leads to disappointment and self guilt, along with little to no results.

You don't have to stress about food because you are not depriving yourself from the foods you love.  There is no need to shame yourself or feel guilty when you indulge in your favorite treat when celebrating with family or friends.  We are all in this thing called life together and enjoying our time with family and friends is important to our overall health.  


Once your body becomes a FAT BURNING MACHINE and you begin to see and feel results, making good food decisions and eating them at the right time becomes easier. Breaking the unhealthy habits we have spent years in perfecting isn't always easy, but ALL progress is a step in the right direction. Forward movement is always a good thing and is super important to building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life. Soon, people will begin to notice the changes in your body and ask what it is that you are doing. The confidence that comes with good nutrition and the right amount of exercising is priceless.  One of the more empowering things I have gained is knowing my daughters are watching their mom have a healthy relationship with food, a good balance between exercise and home life, and a confidence in myself that wasn't always there. Lets face it, many women today deal with negative self talk, body shaming, and unhealthy comparisons to other women.  I have decided to take back my life, and enjoy my journey toward the healthiest, strongest version of myself.  

XXOO Kelly 


Some information provided by Amanda Tress founder of The FASTer Way To Fat Loss






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