What the Scale Is Not Telling You!

July 17, 2017

How I broke up with the scale.  

Up until this past January I still weighed myself on a daily basis. Thinking back and knowing what I know now, there really was no point.  However, depending upon what the number said, was how my day went.  If I was down a pound, BOOM! SUCCESS! Today is a good day! If I was up a pound or two, I felt defeated and sad. What was working out and eating "clean" doing for me if I was still stuck?  In my mind all the hard work I had been doing didn't matter anyway if I was up a pound.  I let the number on the scale have control over my day.  I am an educated person but was making a dumb decision.  


When I began the FASTer Way To Fat Loss program by Amanda Tress I ditched the scale and measured my success in other ways.  If I followed my pie and ate the correct macros I was successful.  If I completed my sprints or weight training I was successful.  If I drank enough water I was successful.  All of the sudden my successes outweighed my LOSSES and I was WINNING.   


The small, and some not so small, changes I made to my diet began to produce BIG results I didn't really anticipate.  My moods evened out. YEAHHH! Who doesn't need that? WIN!  My skin began to feel and look great.  Clearer, YOUNGER looking skin.  WIN!  Lets talk about my energy levels after FWTFL.  I love having the energy in the mornings to start my day.  The mornings have now become a chance for me to have quiet "me time".  WIN!  Now I exercise purposefully (and less by the way) fuel my body with healthy and yummy foods and the results have led to a leaner, healthier, and happier me.


 I am now 6 months into the FWTFL lifestyle and feel sooooo Good, and am seeing changes in my body composition and overall mental health.  So, feeling and looking healthier has become enough for me.  I don't need that number on the scale to tell me how I am going to feel each day.  I made that decision on my own.  I no longer focus on the scale fit is the new skinny!

XXOO Kelly

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