Progress Not Perfection!

August 15, 2017


Progress is essential, but perfection is impossible.


Think of an area in your life that needs discipline. Ok, now what are you doing to get there?  Do you have a plan in place?


It just so happens that an area of my life I struggle with is CONTROL.  I am self-diagnosed with OCD. Insert SIGH!

Needless to say my 3 kiddos and 2 labs (one of which is a puppy and slowly destorying my house) have chewed me up and spit me out.  {Much like Marley did to our leather couch.  Yeah for real!).  However, I still prefer control over just about every aspect of my life.  My husband gives me a hard time because I have the day planned from the minute I get up, to the time I go to bed.  I can tell you what I am going to do and what time I am going to do on just about any given day.  That's just how I roll.


Today I am going to talk about control over exercise.  Like I said, I always have a plan.  I have completed beach body, countless races and triathalons, completed P90X, T25, and just about any other as seen on TV exercise program you can think of.  They are all good programs but nothing seemed sustianable for the long term.  I need something that is flexible and can give me balance with all of the other things us busy momma's have going on.   I needed something I can do at home when the day slips by if I can't get to the gym.


Current day I have a new plan and I am continually seeing progress in my plan to a healthier me.  I am no longer striving for that "perfect" body I want.  I love that with the FASTer Way To Fat Loss program, I have a plan, with action items, and my plan is broken down into smaller attainable parts.  I am not wasting time looking for new workouts,  followed by countless hours of cardio.  I currently do two 20 minute HIT workouts on Monday and Tuesday, and weight training 3 days a week.  THAT IS IT.  Yep I am working out less and seeing bigger body composition changes.  What do I attribute that to?  First, I have a plan with nutrition and fueling my body as the main goal.  Combining the nutrition and exercise allows me to maximize my results. AGAIN Progress not perfection!


So, even though every other aspect of my life seems out of control ( I am not complaining  this is just a busy time of life which to shall pass).  At least today I will feel successsful when I mentally put a check mark on my to do list which includes a 20 minute HITT workout.  Those 20 minutes I take for myself make me a better mom & wife!



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