Why do you need a fitness & accountability coach?

February 5, 2018


How many times have you gone to bed and said to yourself, ‘Tomorrow I’m going to wake up, go to the gym, and do an hour workout before I get ready for work’, and then woken up and decided to sleep for another hour instead of exercising?


My top 3 reasons we should work together!




This is where a health coach is critical to ensuring that you commit and stick to your fitness goals. In the bootcamps I run you are provided a weekly exercise plan so you are not walking into the gym without a plan.


There are two types of people who go to the gym: Which one are you?


1) Those who wander in, spend 10 minutes on one machine and then drift slowly over to another, before half-heartedly trying bicep curls for five reps and then walking out.


2) Those who have a plan in mind, and hit the machines with a purpose. They generally have a set amount of reps they do in sets of two or three, and they’ll know exactly what they’re doing on each machine.


It’s fairly obvious that the first group will not be achieving their fitness goals unless they get some help and have someone to direct them, so if you know that you’re one of those people then you should be enlisting the help of a health coach STAT!




A health coach is there to help with your fitness goals, yes, but they’re also there to help improve your overall wellbeing. They care about how stressed you are, because that will impact how motivated you are in your sessions. They care if you’re unhappy in a relationship, as this could result in eating unhealthily.


There are myriad ways in which having a health coach can be like having an unofficial therapist... and much cheaper!




One of the most important reasons that someone should have a coach is that they are trained in teaching others how to exercise and how to effectively fuel the body. And while exercise in itself is only a part of fitness, with nutrition and lifestyle playing an essential role in the overall picture if you don’t get nutrition right then you will never achieve your goals. The importance of education with exercise and nutrition is important for two primary reasons:


1) If you don’t know which exercises are most effective for the goals you have, you are unlikely to achieve those goals. For example, if your goal is to build core strength but you spend all your time on cardio exercises, then you are unlikely to hit your goal.


2) If you are not taught the how to do, why to do, and what to do with nutrition you are stalling your progress.  A lot of people are doing some things right.... but, could be getting results much faster with a few changes to their current lifestyle they may not have thought about! 


Any good program to pair the two for the biggest body composition changes!




It can take weeks to form good habits, and even longer to break bad ones - and trying to do it on your own is hard work. Having a health and accountability coach  is like having a good angel on your shoulder encouraging you in the right direction. They can help to argue with the bad angel in your head, and keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals.


Ready for change?  My next bootcamp starts February 26th!  JOIN NOW spots are limited!




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